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Approve requests from other employees

When you’re a department lead, an employee with subordinates, or given a certain authority by your organization admins, you may need to help approve certain requests in your organization.
This is set up in one of the approval chains by your SeaTalk admin:

When you receive requests to approve, the Workspace section will have a red dot indicator.

Please note: currently, you can only approve requests on the mobile SeaTalk app.

To access these requests:

  • On your mobile device, open the SeaTalk app.
  • At the bottom, tap Workspace.
  • Tap Approval Center. You’ll be brought to the Pending tab with all requests waiting for your approval.
  • View the request details on a high level. To view more information on the request, tap the request. You can view more details, including the other approvers for the request.
  • Tap Approve or Reject once you’ve made a decision.
    • If you choose to reject the request, enter the reasons for rejection and tap Reject.
    • If you choose to approve the request, tap Approve in the dialog box.
  • To view previous requests you’ve approved, tap the Approved tab. You can tap any of the requests to see more details.
  • To view previous requests you’ve rejected, tap the Rejected tab. You can tap any of the requests to see more details.

Updated 21 Apr, 2021

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