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Submit your expense claims

Your organization may allow you to claim expenses on certain purchases you’ve made. You can submit your expense claims in the SeaTalk app.

Submit expense claims

  • On your mobile device, open the SeaTalk app.
  • At the bottom, tap Workspace.
  • Tap Claim.
  • Tap New Claim Report.
  • Enter information on your claim.
  • Amount: the amount claimed.
  • Currency: the currency the amount is in.
  • Category: the category you’re claiming from. Learn how to check your claim categories.
  • Receipt Date: the date of the receipt.
  • For some category types, there will be more fields to enter. You can view these such fields below.
  • In the large field, enter the nature of the expense.
  • To submit a document, tap the + icon and select the document. For example, this can be a picture of the receipt or a PDF copy of a confirmation email.
  • If you’ve more claims to make, tap New Entry and repeat.
  • Once you’re done entering all your claims, tap Preview.
  • Check through your claims. Once done, tap Submit.

Learn how to check your claim submissions and their statuses.

Additional fields

The types of claims below will have more fields to fill in.

Air Ticket

  • Round/One Way
  • Travel Date
  • Departure
  • Destination
  • Airline
  • Class
  • Booking Reference


  • Departure
  • Destination


  • City
  • Travel Date
  • Name of Hotel
  • # of Rooms

Medical Fee

  • Name of Clinic
  • Location
Updated 12 Apr, 2021

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