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Every SeaTalk organization has organization settings, including:

  • its visibility;
  • the countries it’s active in;
  • the main time zone used for business hours; and
  • the languages it uses.

Some of these settings affect other parts of SeaTalk (e.g., attendance and employee information), so it’s recommended that these settings are kept up to date.

To update your organization settings:

  • In the SeaTalk Admin Center, navigate to Settings.
  • In the upper right, click Edit.
  • Here, you can update the following:
  • Logo: click to upload a new logo.
  • Organization Name: enter the name of your organization.
  • Visibility: select if your organization is Private or Public. A private organization and its employees cannot be searched for on SeaTalk by other SeaTalk users outside of the organization.
  • Location: select the countries your organization is in. This affects the options you’ve for the Office Location employee field.
  • Language: select the languages your organization uses.
  • Timezone: select the main time zone used by your organization. This affects other features, such as attendance.
  • Headquarters: select the country your organization is headquartered in.
  • Industry: select the industry sector your organization is in.
  • Once you’re done, click Save.
Updated 12 Apr, 2021

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