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Join an organization

An employee or team member must join an organization to be able to enjoy SeaTalk's HR and other advanced features. There are two ways to join an organization:

Join organization from SeaTalk app

Note: Please make sure your admin has switched on the "Enable Self-Onboard" option in the SeaTalk Admin Center.


  1. Obtain your Organization QR code or the Organization Code from your colleague or management
  2. Scan the organization QR code using SeaTalk app or manually key in the organization code
  3. Fill in the invitation form and submit
  4. Wait for approval from SeaTalk
  5. Once approved, your organization will appear in your Contact tab

Add employee in the SeaTalk Admin Center 

Note: This feature is only available for admins who have permission to add employee


  1. Go to SeaTalk Admin Center - Organization - Employee
  2. Add employee one by one or use the system provided template to batch upload (see Add employee in the Admin Center)

Updated 30 Oct, 2020

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