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Use the HR features in SeaTalk

If you created an organization on SeaTalk or are an admin for an organization on SeaTalk, you can set up HR tools for your employees.
If you’re a regular user, you can use these features only after your admins set them up for your organization.



You can add your employees into departments and assign roles, such as department lead, to certain employees. You can then grant such roles certain permissions, such as approving leave for employees in the department.
Once your admin has set this up, you can see the structure in the mobile app.



If you want your employees to clock in and out of your office, you can set up an attendance system with SeaTalk. You can also allow your employees to check in at client locations.


Once your admins set up an attendance system, you should clock in and out during your shifts. If there’s an issue with attendance, you can always request an attendance correction.



You can set up a leave system for your employees and decide leave types and entitlements for your employees. They can then apply for leave on the SeaTalk mobile app and you report on the leave taken or applied for in the SeaTalk Admin Center.


Once your admin has set up the leave system, you can easily request for leave and leave credit. You can also see what leave you’re entitled to.



You can set up an expense claim system for your employees and decide the currencies, claim categories, and claim amounts. Your employees then can submit any expense claims for approval.


Once your admin has set up the claims system, you can submit your expense claims for reimbursement.



You can create announcement channels to send messages to a group of employees on SeaTalk.


Your admin can send you announcements via your SeaTalk app.

Updated 07 May, 2021

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