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A quick introduction of HR functions

SeaTalk provides a comprehensive range of HR functions for FREE and they can be used on mobile, below is a quick tour of the major HR functions.


A department tree can be created in the SeaTalk Admin Center, and it forms the basis for the rest of SeaTalk HR functions. Once onboard, the employees can see the organization structure and colleagues by departments in SeaTalk mobile app.


Employee data management is an essential part for SeaTalk’s HR functions. Employee data can be uploaded into SeaTalk Admin Center one by one or be batch imported using system provided template.

Employees can also upload their own data by scanning the Organization QR Code (generated in SeaTalk Admin Center) using their SeaTalk mobile app.

Only Name, Email and Department are mandatory data fields, however, SeaTalk provides a long list of optional data fields for HR managers to choose as they need.

Note: some of the optional fields are mandatory for certain HR functions


SeaTalk allows user to apply leave or approve leave application from subordinates using SeaTalk mobile app, admins can configure leave policy in SeaTalk Admin Center.

Upon creating an organization, a default Work Calendar and Leave Policy are already pre-configured based on the country/region of the organization’s headquarters. HR managers can further customize the settings in SeaTalk Admin Center.

HR admins can login to SeaTalk Admin Center to view and export detailed leave records, whenever needed.


SeaTalk allows user to clock-in/out using SeaTalk mobile app by pre-configured GPS Location or Office WIFI.

HR managers can configure Work Shifts and apply different Attendance Rules to different Work Groups whose working shifts may be different. The Attendance feature also allows offsite clock-in/out if that’s accepted.

Detailed Attendance Reports are available in the SeaTalk Admin Center for HR and management use.


Use Claim feature to submit expense reports from mobile. Common types of expense categories are already pre-configured and ready to use. Admins/finance managers can customize claim categories and make final payment approval in SeaTalk Admin Center.


Public Account is a useful communication tool to broadcast announcement to target audience within the organization. Audience can be configured as the whole organization or selected departments, it is also possible to whitelist/blacklist certain employees.

Only authorized admins can make a broadcast announcement in SeaTalk Admin Center.

Updated 17 Sep, 2020

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