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Report on employee check-ins

If your employees don’t work at a fixed site but travel to visit clients, you can ask them to check in at their client sites. If you’ve the Check-in Summary permissions, you can report on these check-ins in the SeaTalk Admin Center.

To view and export employee check-ins:

  • In the SeaTalk Admin Center, navigate to Application > Check-in.
  • To change dates, click the calendar icon and select the start and end dates you want to view.
  • To filter the employees by department, click the Department dropdown menu and select the type of employees you want to view.
  • In the table, view the check-in records in detail.
  • Employee: the name and image of the employee.
  • Department: the department they are in.
  • Check-in Time: the time they checked in.
  • Check-in Location: the location they checked in at.
  • Client Info: the client name the employee entered.
  • Description: the description the employee entered. 
  • Attachment: the image uploaded by the employee during their check-in.
  • To export the report, click Export Report in the upper right. This will prompt a download of a .XLSX file with the filtered check-in data.
Updated 05 Apr, 2021

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