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Send self-destruct messages (Whispers)

In SeaTalk, self-destruct messages are called Whispers.

These messages will expire after a certain amount of set time on both the sender’s and receiver’s apps.

Please note: Whispers can currently only be sent and seen on the SeaTalk mobile app.

To send a Whisper:

  • On your mobile device, open the SeaTalk app.
  • Tap the chat you want to send the Whisper to.
  • On the message field, swipe right. It should turn the field from white to black.
  • Any messages you send in this state will be a Whisper and will self-destruct after the duration you set.
  • To change the duration of the Whisper, tap the bubble to the right and select the duration you want.
  • Once done, to send normal messages again, swipe left on the message field and ensure the field is now back to white.
Please note: Whispers support text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, and stickers. It is currently not compatible with other types of media you can send (e.g., files and contacts).

Updated 05 Apr, 2021

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