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FAQ | Where to find my organization QR code?

Employees can directly join the organization by simply scanning a QR code and submitting an application form. You can find your organization QR code or organization code from your SeaTalk app or SeaTalk Admin Center (for admins).

In SeaTalk app


  • On your device, open your SeaTalk App
  • In the navigation bar, tap Me.
  • Tap My QR Code.
  • Tap the Organization tab. Your organization QR code and organization code will be displayed.
  • To share the QR code with others, you can take a screenshot with your device or tap the ... icon and select Save as Image.

Cannot find the organization QR code in your SeaTalk app?

  • Possible reason 1: Your admin has not allowed employees to invite other members
  • Possible reason 2: You have not join an organization yet in SeaTalk

In SeaTalk Admin Center


  • Go to SeaTalk Admin Center - Organization
  • Click on Invite Employee at the top right corner
  • Make sure the "Enable self-onboard“ button is toggled on, you will see the organization QR code and organization code from below
  • Make a screenshot or save the QR code as image for sharing to others
  • Alternatively, you could also copy and share the alphanumeric organization code for manual key in

Updated 19 Jan, 2021

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