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FAQ | Why don't I get notifications?

Unstable or delayed notifications

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving new message notifications, it could be because your device has been disconnected, or has poor network coverage. Your device also may have automatically stopped SeaTalk from running in the background by the evil task killer.

No notifications

If you can’t receive new message notifications at all, please check your notification settings in SeaTalk via Me - Settings - Notifications to make sure Message Notifications is turned on. If you also logged into SeaTalk Desktop, please ensure Receive Mobile Notifications is turned on.

Android Device Settings

Apart from the SeaTalk settings, some other notification settings may be required as well. The steps vary for different devices. To access our device-specific guides, select your device from the following:

Turn on system notification permissions

  1. Open Settings - Apps
  2. Find and tap on SeaTalk
  3. Find Notifications, and make sure that Show notification is turned on

Turn off Power saving mode

  1. Open Settings - Battery and device care - Battery
  2. Make sure that Power saving mode is turned off

Turn off Do not disturb

  1. Open Settings - Notifications
  2. Make sure that Do not disturb is turned off

Updated 03 Jan, 2024

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