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Default employee fields

SeaTalk has default fields for every employee that you can enter information in. Some of these fields are used in other features. For example, the SeaTalk leave feature uses the Join Date field to calculate the amount of leave days the employee is entitled to.

You can access these fields in each employee when editing an employee and add options to certain fields.

Basic Info

  • Name: your employee’s name. The text entered will be searchable in search boxes.
  • Department: your employee’s department. You can select more than one department.
  • Email: your employee’s email. The text entered will be searchable in search boxes.
  • Report To: your employee’s direct supervisor. This must be an existing employee in your organization. Learn how to add an employee.
  • Phone No.: your employee’s phone number. The default country code will be set to your organization’s location in your settings.
  • Office: your employee’s office location. Learn how to add options to this field.
  • Job Title: your employee’s job title. This may be shown in the organization structure. Learn how to add options to this field.
  • Join Date: your employee’s join date. This affects the number of leave days and the expense claims limits they are entitled to.

Work Info

  • Payroll Company: the company that handles payroll for your employee. Learn how to add options to this field.
  • Rank: your employee’s rank. Learn how to add options to this field.
  • Employee Type: your employee’s scope of work to your organization.
  • Employee Status: if your employee is still working for the company. This is automatically updated by SeaTalk.
  • Probation End Date: when your employee completes their probation.
  • Termination Date: when your employee was terminated.
  • Staff ID: a custom identification number for your employee that your organization can decide on.

Personal Info

  • Gender: your employee’s gender.
  • Date of Birth: your employee’s date of birth.
  • Marital Status: your employee’s marital status.
  • Personal Email: your employee’s personal email.
  • Address: your employee’s address.
Updated 19 Mar, 2021

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