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Guide to setting up your organization

Once you’ve created your organization, you have access to HR features, such as leave and attendance. However, all features revolve around the employees in your organization.

Hence, before any steps are taken, you should set up your organization and onboard employees to SeaTalk.

Permissions needed

  • Super Admin permissions

Before you start

  • Prepare a list of your employees.
  • If you’ve different teams or departments, prepare the organizational structure. It may be helpful to draw the organizational structure out, along with the department leads.

1. Create departments

Before you add employees, you should set up their departments in SeaTalk. If your organization doesn’t have separate departments, you can skip this step.

You should create departments in SeaTalk to mirror your real-life organization structure. Think about whether your departments have leads and if you want to create department chat groups for easier communication.

2. Set up field options

When you add employees to SeaTalk, you can add information to them. SeaTalk has a set of default fields that you can use.

However, some of these fields don’t come with any options. To be able to store information in these fields, add options to them. These fields are:

  • Job Title: your employee’s job title.
  • Office: your employee’s office location.
  • Payroll Company: the payroll company for your employee.
  • Rank: your employee’s rank.

If you’re not planning to use these fields, you can skip this step. Otherwise, learn how to add options to these fields.

3. Add employees to your organization

Once you’ve created your departments and customized your field options, you can add employees to your organization. They will receive an email notification with a link to download and join SeaTalk. You can also invite employees by giving them a QR code or organization code to onboard themselves.

Next steps

Once they’ve joined, your employees can use other features in the SeaTalk mobile app, such as taking their attendance, submitting expense claims to their managers for approval, and requesting leave.

Learn how you can set up these features for them:

Updated 19 Mar, 2021

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