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FAQ | Why is my chat history missing?

Messages older than 7 days are no longer stored on our server. Therefore if you are using a new device or browser session, you will only be able to pull the messages from the past 7 days.
In addition, messages are only stored on your device for up to 6 months. Messages older than 6 months on your devices will be automatically deleted.
Ensure that you do not use any device cleaning software as those applications may clear SeaTalk chat history and data.

SeaTalk Web
If you are using SeaTalk Web, missing chat history may be caused by damage to the data files or database driver abnormalities which can cause the data to be deleted. Your browser may also auto clear cookies and browsing data, so you may want to check your browser settings to disable it for the SeaTalk Web domain. 
Unfortunately there is no way to restore messages older than 7 days as mentioned earlier in the article. 

If your missing chat history does not fall into any of the above categories, do feel free to reach out to us by submitting a support request.

Updated 08 Jun, 2023

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