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How SeaTalk helps your managers become more efficient

Designed specifically for businesses like yours. Read below to see how managers benefit from using SeaTalk.

1. Stay on top of your work communication

Always know your message read status in private or group chats.

2. Smart department group chat

Group members are automatically synced with your organization chart. Save the effort from all the manual updates.

3. Announcements made easy 

Send departmental or company-wide announcements for your users.

4. Approve staff requests with a few clicks 

Eliminate paperwork and signatures. Approve staff applications on your mobile application. 

5. Monitor team’s activities on mobile

Stay up to date with your team’s accomplishments. 

6. All-in-one admin portal

Manage your employees all within one platform. Configure staff profile, applications and organization settings on one admin portal

Not just managers, SeaTalk also empowers every employee in an organization to be more productive, click here to know more.

Updated 29 Mar, 2022

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