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The SeaTalk story

The beginning of SeaTalk

 As a global technology company, Sea Group (NYSE:SE) has expanded rapidly in size over the years. With over 30,000 employees in more than 10 regional offices, the Group felt the need to streamline its internal communication and collaboration for higher efficiency.

After trying almost all existing popular platforms, the Group still could not find any tool that met all its requirements. So we decided to develop our own to make sure we have the best tool at hand - that's the birth of SeaTalk!

With an emphasis on work communication and collaboration, SeaTalk was designed as a One-stop Solution for business from Day 1, equipped with well-designed and practical functions needed by almost every organization.

What can I do with SeaTalk

Communication: A messenger dedicated for work

SeaTalk messenger supports all platforms: Desktop, Mobile and Web, to help employees stay connected anytime, anywhere.

When a new employee joins Sea Group, the first thing he/she will do is to install and sign up SeaTalk.

"Hi, please install SeaTalk and say hello to everyone"

After installation, the employee will join the department group, and be invited to join other project groups.

"Hello I'm Sharon, nice to meet you all here......."

Chat group is proven effective for work communications. Upon joining a group, new members can see chat history, and catch up with the team quickly.

Voice Call, Quick Reply, Whisper, Recall Message, Search, Translation, Note & Voice Note, Message Read Status... SeaTalk continues to add new features to make communications easier and more efficient for both teams and individuals.

Video demo: Advanced Chat Functions

Team Management: Efficiency & transparency by digitalization

Many communication platforms stop at being a chat tool, SeaTalk decided to go beyond that.

With SeaTalk, you can view your organization's structure on mobiles and connect with a colleague you never met before.

"Hi Tanya, I'm Leo from Singapore office, can I ask you some questions about the recent spending in Thailand about project........"

If you are a HR manager, SeaTalk offers you a powerful backend system to help you manage the employee data since onboarding.

"Hi Jason, I'm your HR Lily, welcome to join the company! In order to get your personal information for onboarding, could you scan this QR code using your SeaTalk to fill in a quick form for me? Thanks!

SeaTalk allows HRs to set up Departments and manage Employee Profiles & Reporting Lines in its Backend Portal, digitalizing almost all HR matters in a single platform.

Workspace: Applications for productivity

Having experienced the pain of juggling tedious paperwork and using isolated softwares, SeaTalk developed HR Applications to streamline and automate administrative tasks, so employees can focus on their core businesses.

Teams can now easily manage Leave Applications, Financial Claims, or Track Attendance with just a few taps on their mobiles. Managers can also process all staff applications in SeaTalk's Approval Center, signing on paper is now history.

Demo: Using Leave on SeaTalk app (Watch video)

Demo: Using Claim on SeaTalk app (Watch video)

Demo: Using Attendance on SeaTalk app (Watch video)

Not just HR, Sales team is also supported by the Check-in feature to Record Client Visits automatically using SeaTalk, work reporting has never been so easy.

Demo: Using Check-in on SeaTalk app

Better yet, SeaTalk is now developing its own Video Conference Service, target to release before the end of 2020. Next year, 3rd party app developers will be able to publish their own apps in SeaTalk using SeaTalk Open Platform, providing users with even more options.

One-stop for Work, SeaTalk is seriously practicing its slogan, isn't it?

Can I use SeaTalk for my own company

Yes you can and it's FREE! The impact of COVID-19 has pushed companies worldwide to accelerate their digital transformation to survive the “new normal”. As such, Sea Group has decided to share SeaTalk to the public for free. SeaTalk is now open for public registration and currently offers languages in English, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Traditional Chinese. All companies can Sign Up SeaTalk now and use it to manage their own employees and business at zero cost.

To start enjoying using SeaTalk like other already onboarded companies, simply follow this Onboarding Guide to install SeaTalk and complete the necessary configurations. You could also check out our Help Center or Contact Us directly for any issues encountered, our dedicated local teams will give you immediate support.

For more information, please visit SeaTalk's Official Website. Happy SeaTalking!

Updated 23 Nov, 2020

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